"Choose Your Wolf" Handcrafted bracelet

Image of "Choose Your Wolf" Handcrafted bracelet

Made of heavy duty aluminum (will not tarnish or discolor).

“The Lakota Sioux Wolf Parable”
The old Lakota Sioux pulled his grandson close to him so he could share his wisdom.
“Grandson, in each of us there are two wolves fighting for control of us.”
One wolf is evil. It is jealousy, it is greed, it is hate, it is ego and it is lies.
The other wolf is good. It is joy, it is peace, it is empathy, it is kindness, it is humility, and it is truth.”
The grandson thought on his grandfather’s words for a moment and then asked,
“Grandfather, which wolf will win?”
The grandfather softly replied, “The one we choose to feed.”

"Choose Your Wolf" is a Diamond M Music, trade mark pending brand