Join the VIP Group!

Image of Join the VIP Group!

The V.I.P. Group allows us to connect with you on a much more personal level and allows you to connect with us in an unprecedented manner. Together, we can learn from each other about what makes us tick.

So here is what you get. In the initial package you will receive a laminated, “ALL ACCESS” V.I.P. Pass. Whenever you go to a Bob Marshall performance, make sure you wear this. Depending on the venue and event, this may be worth a free admittance or a reduced rate on the ticket price. It may be worth the value of a free drink. We will let you know ahead of time. You will also get additional Bob Marshall Band gifts and an EP, all valued at $15.00.

In addition to your introduction “kit”, you will also get reduced rates on certain merchandise items on line (reduced rates are not available at performance venues). You will get first opportunities on new items, new recordings, and new information. Some of these will be offered to you, prior to release to radio stations, music promoters and bloggers! You are an important part of our group and we want to treat you as such.

Additionally, we will periodically be inviting you to attend a lunch or dinner before show with us, or an after party “glow” with the band. I have to warn you though…we don’t party like we used to so our “glow”, may just be a faint “flicker”. It will be a chance for you to get to know the band, ask us questions or just see if I really DO have hair underneath my cowboy hat (a frequently asked question).

Because we value your opinions, we will occasionally be asking you for input on decisions to be made. We will send you surveys about which “T” shirt design you prefer, what songs to include on a set list for a particular show, maybe even which songs to include on a new album. You will be a part of it all.